Help Shape Allied Health Professionals’ Mandate for Change

Help Shape Allied Health Professionals’ Mandate for Change
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Help Shape Allied Health Professionals’ Mandate for Change

NHS England is developing a ‘Mandate for Change’ for Allied Health Professions (AHPs) and is encouraging all healthcare providers, including HADs, to voice their opinion.

Professionals have until 15 July to contribute to the second stage of an ongoing consultation that has already generated over 10,000 ideas and comments from nearly 1500 respondents.

The Mandate for Change aims to co-create a vision of how, with collective action, the NHS and country could be helped if AHPs were used more effectively in the health, social and wider care system. AHPs make up 6 per cent of the NHS workforce and include a range of professionals such as paramedics, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists.

NHS England is encouraging people to take part in an online workshop to share views on how they can work with AHPs to deliver more collaborative and integrated care.

The interactive conversation is open to anyone who wishes to comment on the mandate and to those who wish to find out more about the current consensus after the first stage of the Mandate for Change.

This is your chance to have a voice and join a cross-sector initiative working towards common goals and challenges. The online forum can be accessed by logging on to the Clever Together website from 4 July – 15 July 2016.

The results of the consultation will be launched in October 2016. Please contact the NCHA if you would like to find out more.