Green Paper on care and support for older people 

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Green Paper on care and support for older people 

The UK Government has announced that it is seeking to publish a green paper on care and support for older people by mid-2018.

The paper will outline the Government’s plans for dealing with the challenges of an ageing population, especially on the health and social care system. The Government will consult with independent experts, service users, and other stakeholders – such as local governments, the NHS, providers and the third sector – to inform the green paper. A public consultation will also be opened on the paper when it is published.

Cabinet Office Minister Damian Green writes:

“Reform of this vital sector has been a controversial issue for many years, but the realities of an ageing society mean that we must reach a sustainable settlement for the long-term… Our vision for care must also incorporate the wider networks of support and services which help older people to live independently… It must consider how care is provided at present and challenge the system to embrace new technology, innovation and workforce models which can deliver better quality and value.”

The NCHA will keep track of, and seek to influence, any developments affecting the hearing sector.