BAA appoints Hearing Therapist as President

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BAA appoints Hearing Therapist as President

The British Academy of Audiology (BAA) has elected Sue Falkingham as its new President.  Sue is the first Hearing Therapist to become BAA President, and also the first who will serve a two-year term. Succeeding Michelle Booth in the post, she joins a new-look BAA Board, over half of which have joined this year.

In her inaugural speech at the BAA’s 14th annual conference in Bournemouth last week, Sue said that she would be focussing on quality patient outcomes, preparing for the future and effective collaboration.

The BAA would work with other organisations to keep patient needs high on the agenda in policy making, funding, and quality standard discussions, the new President explained.

It was time for the BAA to “focus on the unique”, she added, arguing that audiologists should view advances in hearing technology as an opportunity to innovate and evolve rather than a threat to existing models of care.

Financial pressures in the health system also presented challenges, but as a sector, it was possible to safeguard professional standards and quality patient outcomes, she continued Furthermore, Sue called the NHS’ free at the point of delivery services “second to none” and pledged to   “passionately fight” for services standards throughout her tenure .

Harjit Sandhu of the NCHA, who attended the BAA conference, said: “This was a great conference and first speech by the new President. Sue is absolutely right to focus on patient outcomes, innovation and collaborative working to make sure people with hearing, communication and balance needs get access to the services they deserve. The NCHA looks forward to working with the BAA on these and other shared goals.”