Speaking up for community hearing care throughout the UK.


Transforming hearing care to focus on the needs of service users.


Supporting members and decision-makers with policy analysis and evidence.

Our Goals

  • Promote hearing as an integral part of public and population health
  • Make community-based hearing care a social norm
  • Provide a united and effective voice for all community hearing providers
  • Address unmet hearing need in the UK through innovative, accountable and cost-effective models of care
  • Support choice in hearing care – whether people choose to access care through the NHS or privately
  • Tackle myths associated with both NHS and private hearing care
  • Support appropriate and proportionate regulation of hearing services
  • Break down artificial boundaries between primary and secondary care, as the NHS has called upon us to do
  • Support appropriate, proportionate and transparent commissioning of hearing care
  • Work collaboratively with partners in government, the NHS, civil society and third sectors, as well as across the wider Primary Care and hearing sector to achieve these goals


Our Partners

We work closely with stakeholders including members, patients, charities, healthcare professionals and government to achieve better hearing for all.

Our People

David Hewlett, NCHA and FODO Chief Executive
David Hewlett

Chief Executive

Harjit Sandhu, NCHA Director of Policy and Strategy
Harjit Sandhu

Director of Policy and Strategy

Giusy Manischalchi, NCHA Memebr Services Administrator
Giusy Manischalchi

Member Services Administrator

Rajan Verma, NCHA Membership and Insurance Officer
Rajan Verma

Insurance and Membership Officer

Our Board